Monday, July 20, 2009

10th of July at the beach

Here is some pictures of us at the beach. We got up early in the morning and we headed to Cali. And we decided to go to the beach when we were in Cali.

The girl playing in the water.

Me going over a wave.

Tavin is a dolphin.

The girls telling there moms they love them.

Me walking back in
There thinking about going in.
Me kin and carter walking.
Me and Tav playing tag.
Me smiling at the camera.

We buried Belle in the sand.

Digging the hole for Belle to go in.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July4th stadium of fire jonas Brothers and fireworks

This is the Fireworks and the Jonas Brothers part of the concert. The fireworks were so cool. And I loved seeing the Jonas brothers in person!!!




The Jonas Brothers live!!!!
Us looking cute!!!!!!!!!
Thumbs up for the Jonas Brothers!!
Getting exited for the Jonas brothers!!!

Tavin can't believe he is seeing the Jonas Brothers!
So happy!!!
More Jonas Brothers!!!!

Joe Jonas!!!!!!!!
So exited!!!!!!

Rocking out to the Jonas Brothers!

4th of July at the Stadium of fire

These are some pictures from the stadium of fire

There was people who juggled fire at it.
It was so cool!

More people juggling fire.

The air fore flew over for 30 seconds.
Me and Belle!!!!!!!!!!!

Kassie, Tavin, and Peter!!!!!

July4th Getting Ready to go to the Stadium of Fire!

This is when we are getting ready to go to the stadium of fire. The boys all had matching shirts and the girls did to. So go and look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of us outside the Stadium of fire getting
ready to go in!!
We are about to get in the car to go to the stadium
of fire.
All of the girls with there matching tshirths.
The little girls had matching skirts to but
me and Kass just wore Jeans.

Me and Kass in our cool
tshirth we look so cute!!
Tavin and Peter had a special message on
the back of there tshirts. Peter thought Joe was
Jo-Jo Sexy. And Tav an I are now in a
competition for who gets Nick. Now Tav wants
to marry him!!!!!!!!!