Friday, December 18, 2009


It is so weird that Tavin is now 18!!! It is crazy how time flies! I love you Tav and Happy Birthday!!! :D Tavin blowing out his birthday cake!!! Birthday cake Bringing it 2 Tav Tav in his new jacket I made tavin a calender and this is what june Reading a card Biryhday cake :D

Tavin birthday diner
Belyn and baccon

Tavs birthday diner

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow in Vegas?

Yes snow in Vegas, outside of santa's house it would snow at 7:00!!! It was so fun!!!!


This year 4 thanksgiving the Zellers (hope I spelt it right) came 2 visit us!!! We had lots of fun and I love getting together with everyone!!!

Smiles :D Kyn with our fruit turkey!!!

Kass, pp, and Tav!!!

Yum pie!!! Eating more pie :0


Time has come 2 set up our christmas tree!!! It is so fun talking, listening 2 christmas music and having a great time!!! :)